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Celebrities, global ambassadors and tens of thousands of individuals and organizations across the globe are actively supporting the Education Cannot Wait cause. You too can join the movement. By Acting for Education in Crisis, you have the chance to help  deliver quality education for the girls and boys left furthest behind in the world’s worst humanitarian crises.

To make this campaign work, we need the support of our partners in civil society and non-governmental organizations, UN agencies, regional organizations, global leaders, government partners, donors and private sector, frontlines humanitarian heroes and, ordinary citizens. We are asking you to amplify and share these messages, create unique videos and social media campaigns that align with this messaging, write blogs and opeds, share with your friends, and share back with us so we can build on this momentum to create a truly global movement. Have a great story? Contact the ECW Communications Team. Here are some key messages to get you started.


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We’ve put together infographics and social media posts you can share. Please use the hashtags #Act4Ed and #EducationCannotWait.

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Check out our Act4Education Playlist. We love videos and we are inviting our partners to create videos for the campaign. The top videos will be considered for a feature screening at this year’s United Nations General Assembly. We are looking for videos on education in emergencies, why filling the funding gap is important and why ‘I #Act4Ed in Crisis.’

We are also inviting aid organizations implementing education programmes through Education Cannot Wait’s funding to share stories from the field on our impact in transforming the lives of children in countries affected by conflict, disaster and crisis.

Just a few top tips: Keep it under 90 seconds, be sure you don’t steal anything that’s copyright protected (like songs or pictures), and, as with all of our communications, please follow UNICEF guidelines on protection, photography and videography (Reporting and Photography guidelines). Here’s a tutorial on adding videos to YouTube Playlists. Offensive and inappropriate material will be removed immediately.

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Write it Up

Let’s get the word out there. Send us your 300-500-word blog on ‘Why I #Act4Ed in Crisis.’ Top blogs will be featured on our website and through ongoing media partnerships. Already published something? No worries! Just drop us a line with a link so we can share it out. Don’t like writing? We’ve got you covered, you can also share one of our Impact or Stories from the Field features with your friends and network.


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Take it a Step Further

Interested in partnering with Education Cannot Wait to propel the #Act4Ed in Crisis campaign. Just contact our Communications Team.

A Note on Protection

Education Cannot Wait follows UNICEF principles and guidelines for reporting on children, available HERE.

These promote the ethical and safe collection, storage and use of child testimonies, photos and videos in all media. The accurate and respectful representation of children everywhere safeguards children’s rights, including their rights to expression, privacy and protection. Education Cannot Wait recognizes that children are frequently at risk of abuse, discrimination, stigma or other exploitation if their name or visual identity is known. Education Cannot Wait promotes the highest ethical standards regarding child representation, in line with UNICEF’s “8 Quick Steps to Ethical Imagery”, available HERE. Partners and individuals contributing to the #Act4Ed campaign are expected to align their practices and ensure the safety and ethical treatment of children.


 Key Dates

Let’s ensure global leaders and policymakers deliver on their commitment to provide safe, inclusive quality education for every single child on the planet. Here’s a list of key upcoming events where you can make your voice heard and ask them to #Act4Ed.

19 June: International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict. #Act4Ed to help #EndRapeinWar

20 June: Word Refugee Day. #Act4Ed #WithRefugees

28-29 June: G20. World leaders at @G20Org #Act4Ed in Crisis #EducationCannotWait for 75 million children left behind

5 July: G7 joint ministerial meeting on education-development. Leaders of the @G7 time to #Act4Ed in Crisis and support #EducationCannotWait

9-18 July: HLPF – including the review of SDG4.  Time to #Act4Ed in Crisis to achieve #SDG4

15 July: World Youth Skills Day. #Act4Ed #SkillsChangeLives #EducationCannotWait

30 July: World Day Against Trafficking in person. #Act4Ed in Crisis to protect children against #HumanTrafficking #EndHumanTrafficking 

12 August: International Youth Day. #Act4Ed to empower youth in crisis #TransformingEducation #EducationCannotWait

19 August: World Humanitarian Day. #Act4Ed to protect & provide hope to children caught in humanitarian crises.

24-26 August: G7. Calling on @G7 leaders of the @G7 to #Act4Ed in Crisis #EducationCannotWait for 75 million children left behind

8 Sept: International Literacy Day. #literacy #Act4Ed to empower children & youth caught up in wars & disasters.

17-30  Sept: United Nations General Assembly. #SDG4 #Act4Ed #EducationCannotWait




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