At Education Cannot Wait, we believe in a world where all children and youth affected by crises can learn free of cost, in safety and without fear in order to grow and reach their full potential.

With our partners, we deliver with humanitarian speed and development depth. Thanks to reduced bureaucracy, focus on the field and optimal use of the humanitarian coordination system, our investments are determined and disbursed with higher speed, while also focusing on quality and learning outcomes.

The impact of our work provides children living in some of the harshest conditions on the planet with the safety, hope and opportunity of an education. Working with a wide range of global, regional and local organisations, these are the human faces of our global movement to Act 4 Education in Crisis.


Impact Stories

Written by Education Cannot Wait’s Communications team in collaboration with in-country partners, our impact stories bring you closer to our work on the frontlines of education in humanitarian crises across the globe. Along the way, you will meet Tarek in Syria, who is now excelling at math, Faniriantsoa, who is back in school in Madagascar after his education was interrupted because of a devastating cyclone, children from Papua New Guinea who had to endure ‘The Longest Night’ after an earthquake destroyed their homes, brave teachers that are building back better in Peru, Sudanese refugees looking for the hope of an education in Ethiopia, brave female teachers in Afghanistan that are putting girl’s education first, and a young Rohingya refugee girl that survived gunfire to find the safety and protection of quality learning environments in refugee settlements in Bangladesh.

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Stories from the Field

Written by our partners, our ‘Stories from the Field’ series features the voices of our implementing partners, children, youth and the communities we support. They tell the story of Dogojima and Sawa in Chad who are ‘determined to continue their studies,’ the story of how a boy with a congenital heart disease is getting a new lease on life in Syria, of how a young South Sudanese mother us finding opportunity and hope through an education in Uganda, and how education is providing hope for a brighter future to young students and teachers in Gaza.

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